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Case study

Turning Influencer Marketing Into a Scalable Growth Channel for B2B SaaS


Rask AI – A venture-backed AI startup specializing in video translation and dubbing.


Rask AI, a hyper-growing, early-stage startup, presented the challenge of seeking broad exposure in their niche, and fast. Our agency's solution was a multichannel influencer marketing campaign. We rapidly initiated collaborations on TikTok, targeting SMBs and complemented it with partnerships with LinkedIn creators, boosting visibility in the edtech sector and among marketing and localization professionals.

Achieved results

Rask AI’s product gained nearly a million impressions with a total of 899K views  

We achieved a CPM (cost-per-thousand views) that is 7x lower than the paid ads benchmark

The paid collaborations increased unpaid mentions, magnifying the campaign's effect

The company’s TikTok following surged to 500K, and its LinkedIn following grew by 1,000 during the campaign period, boosting its user base to 100,000 users