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In total, we’ve helped our clients gain industry-specific followings exceeding 100,000.

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Case 1

LinkedIn for Palta: Consistent Organic Following Growth

Starting from zero: How we organically grew new LinkedIn page following to over 8,000

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Case 2

B2B Influencers for Rask AI: LinkedIn Visitors Growth

Turning influencer marketing into a scalable growth channel for B2B SaaS

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Online Community Meetups for Meander: Email List Growth

Demand generation: Monthly online events boost followers & grow email list to 600+

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B2B Social media management

Company accounts

Other socials by request

We handle everything from content creation and posting to engagement and analytics, ensuring a consistent and effective online presence.

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Executive thought leadership

Founders/C-level profiles

Other socials by request

Positioning key executives as industry thought leaders, we create and distribute authentic and value-driven content that enhances their personal brands and the company’s reputation.

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Online webinars

Organizing and promoting events with awesome speakers from FAANG and other great companies that position your company as an industry leader and drive community engagement.

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B2B influencer marketing

Other socials by request

Leveraging industry influencers to amplify your brand's voice and connect with your specific target audience on a deeper human level.

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Walter Gjergja

Board Advisor & Head of Mindfulness


After our rebranding, we began anew on social media, focusing on growing our LinkedIn presence. The Kudos Narrative team was crucial in creating engaging social content that fueled our organic growth. Their guidance helped us build an engaged community of over 9,000 followers from scratch on our company page.

We work with ▼

B2B SaaS (fintech, climate tech, health tech, generative AI, and productivity & collaboration, amongst others)

B2B e-commerce

B2B marketplace

Venture capital

Corporate clients      

Who want to ▼

Turn their social media into a scalable demand generation channel  

Build and grow a compelling B2B community around their brand

Become a trusted industry thought leader

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How we work


Discovery call

30 min

This initial 1-on-1 chat allows us to understand your company's goals, target audience, and current digital presence and challenges.


Strategic audit

2 weeks

Our team will conduct a comprehensive audit of your existing social media profiles and craft a customized B2B social media strategy for your company.


Trial subscription

3 months

Implementation of the defined social media strategy with monthly progress reports. This phase ensures our tactics align with your goals.


Long-term partnership

6+ months

Building on insights from the 3-month trial, we'll transition into a long-term partnership with your team, continually optimizing and innovating on our strategies to foster growth and achieve your company's social media goals.

I’m Margo, the driving force behind the Kudos Narratives. Over the past decade, I’ve launched places, products, communities, and events from scratch.
My most recent venture was backed by Microsoft, Google, and AWS, and evolved into a vibrant hybrid community of over 15,000 members. I've learned that building trust through organic social content, storytelling and key opinion leaders pays off.
I launched Kudos Narratives to help people and companies do the same – grow their B2B social capital. And in order to do so, I’ve hand-picked a superhero global team.

71-75 Shelton St, Covent Garden, WC2H 9JQ, London, UK


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