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When you think of a social media agency, direct-to-consumer influencer-driven brands or trendy coffee shops usually come to mind (no offense).

It's rare to find someone focusing on leveraging social media specifically for B2B companies. We noticed that B2B social media is a highly underserved market.

Meanwhile, we've seen massive LinkedIn audience growth – yep, there are already over 1 billion high-income users globally, along with the rise of B2B influencers and the growing importance of social media in the B2B buyer's journey (spoiler alert: it's getting longer, and people need more social proof along the way).

These insights led us to create Kudos Narratives.

We thought, if not us, then who?


We believe that B2B businesses deserve a special approach when it comes to social media communication.

B2C social media primarily relies on emotional triggers, whereas B2B storytelling is built on industry expertise and thought leadership. Yet, unboring, human, and relatable.

Find your Message-Market Fit

We have a crush on the 20th-century French philosophers and use their theories on space and narrative as an ice-breaker in our strategy sessions to delve deep into the essence of your business, shaping:
● key narrative pillars,
● a tone of voice,
● and content formats that truly resonate with your target audience.

Everything must be 100% interconnected, or it won't work.

To find the perfect 'message-market fit' for your business, we run a 3-month testing period with various organic social content experiments, analysing audience growth and engagement rate dynamics.

We then scale the best-performing content types to guarantee consistent organic social growth.

That’s it, in a nutshell. 

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Always hungry to learn and innovate.



We work sustainably and with love for our home planet.

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