Case study

Starting from Zero: How We Organically Grew New Company Page Following to Over 8,000


Palta – A global health tech company headquartered in London.


Following their rebranding, Palta sought to increase the visibility and reach of its company page on LinkedIn. With an initial count of zero subscribers, the challenge was to leverage organic strategies to build a robust follower base and elevate Palta's presence within the health tech sector on the platform.

Achieved results (2021 – 2023)

We successfully grew Palta's LinkedIn page from 0 to 8,000 subscribers

The company achieved consistent organic growth of ~280 monthly followers without the utilization of paid advertisements.

We hosted HealthTech meetups, connecting with key players in the industry to boost Palta's presence in the London health tech scene on LinkedIn. These events gathered a 600+ member strong community.

OUR Approach

Profile Optimization: Ensured that the company's LinkedIn profile was complete, with all necessary details, creating a professional and approachable image for the brand.

Engaging Content Creation: Regularly posted relevant, valuable, and shareable content tailored to Palta's target audience. This included industry insights, company news, and thought leadership pieces.

Consistent Engagement: Fostered community interaction by actively engaging with followers through comments, shares, and direct messages, encouraging a two-way conversation.

Utilization of Hashtags: Incorporated strategic and trending hashtags to increase content discoverability within LinkedIn's search and feed algorithms.

Leveraging Employee Advocacy: Encouraged Palta board members (Alex Chekan, Yuri Gurski, Alexey Gubarev) and employees to share, comment, and engage with company content, amplifying reach organically.

Content experiments & Analysis: Regularly reviewed LinkedIn analytics to assess content performance, fine-tuning the strategy based on what was resonating most with the audience.

Influencer-Driven Meetups & Post-Event Promotion: Teamed up with health tech industry influencers for joint HealthTech Meetups, amplifying Palta's visibility. Delivered curated content post-meetups, contributing to network growth and influence within the industry.